I'm a mess, I confess

I don’t know how to face the day,
I know I’ll have to find a way.
The sun is bright in my world gone gray,
Don’t tell me it will be okay.

Don’t tell me that my heart still beats,
Don’t tell me that I have to eat.
Just taking our song off repeat—
I promise you, will be a feat.

Don’t tell me that my blood’s still warm,
Don’t feel my pulse inside my arm,
Tell them to sound the alarms,
Don’t let me cause me any harm.

Please tell me that he will be missed,
Then grab my arm and check my wrist.
He’s on my mind just like a list,
Writing poems about the last time we kissed.

"I know he’s watching from above"
“Can you feel his heart in that white dove?”
This pain, I’m so intolerant of…
Happy birthday, my lost love.

It sucks when bad memories ruin good songs.

I think you’re more broken than you realize
There is some pain that you just can’t hide
There is bitterness in all your lies
Trying to disguise the hurt in your eyes.
But I know you better and I understand
The emotional toll of Supply & Demand.
You supply your love and demand in return
That they hold your heart, don’t let it burn
You think all you get in return is goodbye,
So maybe it’s time to love and let die.

Anonymous said: I wish I knew you. You seem neat. I hope you're doing well.

Thank you very much

Let me let go of you
Let me move on.
Don’t make me remember
What’s already gone.
Don’t drench my mind
With thoughts of you
Don’t mutilate my heart
While it’s breaking in two.
I won’t be consumed
With such raw emotion
Based of your crazy,
Misdirected notions.
So as the sun
Starts to go down,
Attach an anchor
And let me drown.
Away from the surface,
Down into the blue
So finally you’ll let me
Let go of you.

Three things I learned today:
1. Ice cream doesn’t mix well with orange juice.
2. Soap operas don’t have “cool off periods”
3. Staring up at the ceiling doesn’t stop the tears from flowing. No matter how long you wait.

"When I was younger, I used to admire intelligent people; as I grow older, I admire kind people"


Daily dose of love quotes here

This means everything to me.


Daily dose of love quotes here

This means everything to me.

It’s okay.
It’s okay to scream
It’s okay to cry
If you don’t want to see
You can close your eyes.
It’s okay to break
It’s okay to fall
If that’s all you can take,
There is no shame at all.
It’s okay to give up,
Give it all, or give in.
It’s okay to lose
If it hurts you to win.
It’s okay to pray
It’s okay to curse
It’s okay to collapse
If worst comes to worst.
It’s okay to let go
If it hurts you to stay
I swear to god
It will all be okay.

This is the twenty-first century..why have people still not learned that saying “no offense” does not make your following comments any less offensive?!

Now it’s 5 in the morning
And I haven’t slept yet.
But the longer I lay here,
The more restless I get.

I’m not quite drunk,
I’m definitely not sober.
I’m somewhere between
2am—missing you and
4am—hating you.

I’m not quite awake,
I’m definitely not sleeping.
I’m somewhere between
“You make my world spin” and
“It’s spinning too fast.”

I’m not quite in love,
I’m definitely not infatuated.
I’m somewhere between
Hold me tonight and
Hold me forever.

His voice reminds me
Of honey smoothly
Running down the jar.
But his kisses
Taste like poison.
Breathing fire into
Lungs already scarred.
His very touch
Is electrocuting.
But I’m afraid that
It will be the death of me.
A sudden jolt,
A violent volt,
A pile of ashes made of me.


the amount of people responding to this with excuses and exceptions is disgusting. there aren’t exceptions.

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Suddenly I realized
The only way I know
How to tell time is
Time with you and
Time without you.